Light Lunch

Whether you require a light lunch for family or friends or an impressive lunch or a business meeting, we can create the perfect mix to satisfy everyone. We believe in using the freshest & most nutritious ingredients in creating fillings that will appeal to everyone

Point Sandwiches

  • Traditional 4 points per person $5.50
  • A little bit more 6 points per person $6.95

Club Sandwiches

  • 3 fingers per person $7.50

Assorted Wraps

  • 1 per person $8.50
  • Gluten Free Wrap $9.50

Open Sandwiches

  • Served on Rye or French loaf ñ 2per person $10.50           

Bagels or Baguettes        

  • 1 per person $ 6.50

Combo Lunch

  • A selection of above i.e. 2 points, Ω wrap & half bagel or baguette $10.50

Fruit Platters

  • A selection of seasonal fruit $4.50

Cheese Platters

  • A selection of Local Cheese, Crackers, Nuts, Dried Fruit $6.50